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UTM coordinates - easting and northing do not fit when importing to ArcGIS

Question asked by lena.r on Jan 8, 2016
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i have a simple question regarding the import of some coordinates via 'add XY data' to ArcGIS 10.3:


i have an excel file with UTM coordinates (easting and northing) of some points. I want to add it as a shapefile via the function add XY data, as i allways do.

But this time, i can't find any coordinate system, that covers the easting and northing values at the same time.

The points are in Lower Saxony, Germany. If i enter them in the internet (e.g. Online-Umrechner in nahezu alle Koordinatensysteme wie UTM, WGS, WGS84 und CH1903, Gauss-Krueger mit grosser Karte ) i find the place.

If i enter it to ArcGIS with the function add XY data, i allways get an error.

If i try e.g. the projected Coordinate System ETRS_1989_UTM_Zone_32N, the following error occurs:


One or more layers failed to draw:

sheet1$ Events:  Syntaxfehler (fehlender Operator) in Abfrageausdruck

'Gewaesser Rechtswert ohne 32 >= 494225.671350 AND

Gewaesser Hochwert  in UTM Koordinaten >= 6028859.486114 AND

Gewaesser Rechtswert ohne 32 <= 502301.705257 AND

Gewaesser Hochwert  in UTM Koordinaten <= 6036832.306366'.

sheet1$ Events:  An invalid SQL statement was used. [`sheet1$`]


Here are two examples of my coordinate pairs:


Gewaesser RechtswertGewaesser Rechtswert ohne 32 (easting)Gewaesser Hochwert  in UTM Koordinaten (northing)
32 6046786046785781606
32 3494583494585939876

I understand that the coordinates are not in the interval of northing and easting within the error. But i don't have any idea anymore, which coordinate system would fit. I guess that it is simple and i am just doing a stupid mistake. I thought maybe one of you might have an idea?


I would be very happy about any kind of help or hints.

Thanks a lot in advance,