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Copy Raster to adjust pixel depth doesn't work

Question asked by jpolo on Jan 7, 2016
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I made a four rasters in Raster Calculator with plans to mosaic them to one raster. One of the four resulted in an 8 bit unsigned pixel type. The others are 16 bit signed. I can't mosaic these rasters and I am guessing the different pixel type is the reason. I did check the projection, which is usually my problem, but that is not the problem. 


The calculator script was

(<raster_#> * 100) + raster_b


The 8 bit raster came from a raster_# that had 3 values while the other raster_# had four values in the grid and I am guessing that this is causing the different pixel type in the results. I saw this thread and so I tried Copy Raster(Data Management) with the 8 bit result by setting the optional Pixel Type to 16 bit signed, but that still resulted in an 8 bit pixel depth. How can I get these rasters into one mosaic?