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data driven pages - how to label current poly differently from all other polys

Question asked by chrisjcantire on Jan 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by chrisjcantire

hi all and thanks for reading...


new to the DD pages.  I currently have it enabled on a layer with 5401 records, down to 34 because it is joined to an excel file with 34 rows.  it works well.  I'm stuck on the labels.  I have labels I like for the data driven records (34 of them), they are bigger and more prominent.  I do however also want the other 5401 (well I guess 5400; minus the current DD page poly) to be labelled, but differently, with less emphasis.  when I duplicate my DD layer and unjoin it from the .xlsx, I get my 5401 rows back, fine.  but when I label that layer, of course I also get the label for the current DD page - so the current poly on my DD pages has TWO labels - the big one from it's layer, AND the little label from the layer with all 5401 polys.  so, how can I remove the small label from the duplicate layer from the poly with current DD focus?


I hope I've explained that half decently - hadn't see DD pages until yesterday...




chris j