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How to build and operate the Maritime Chart Server in the intranet environment? (Re-describe problem)

Question asked by freshego on Jan 5, 2016
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I am sorry that I need to re-describe my problem.

Q1. I have already succeed in building Maritime Chart Service throught Method 1 below Esri/maritimechartservice-sample-viewer · GitHub .But it only work in the internet environment. My question is if it's possible to make it work in the intranet environment? If it is possible, how to do it?


Q2, When I import my application to website, it is always show "Failed to import the app. This app can only be imported by users of portal"

How to fix the problem?


Q3. Is there any other ways to build and operate the maritime Chart Server in the intranet environment?


Thank you for your patience to read my question, I am looking forward to your response,  thank you!



I am new to Maritime Chart Server for ArcGIS Server.

I am trying to establish a Website for Maritime Chart Service in localhost, does anyone know how to do it?

I tried two methods to do it, but these two methods all require internet connection.

Method 1: Esri/maritimechartservice-sample-viewer · GitHub

Method 2: ArcGIS For Maritime: Charting 和 10.3.1 新功能介紹 - YouTube


Does anyone know how to create a ArcGIS server Maritime Chart Service without internet  connection?


I will look forward to your response,  thank you!


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