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Button on Popup 

Question asked by on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by evtguy

I have a button on a popup, if the attribute field is numeric, it passes the value to my function, if it's a string it fails.


infoTemplate: new InfoTemplate("CI Data", "Facility ID: ${ID} <br/> Facility Name: ${NAME} "

    + "<br/> County Name: ${CNTYNAME} <br/> City or Town: ${CITYTOWN}"

    + "<br/> Location Verified Date: ${VERDATE}"

    + "<br/> <button onclick='"

    + "ClickMe(${CNTYNAME});'"

    + ">Google</button>")


if the value is Albany, firebug says "Albany is not defined"  if I pick a text field like address I get "missing ) after argument list". I scoured google and it looks like it doesn't like unquoted values, I've tried the string() and toString functions with out luck. Any ideas?