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weighted overlay/cost past and model builder

Question asked by julie.rediker_Fluor on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Hi Everyone:

I have been killing myself for days trying to figure this out and I've tried numerous solutions but nothing seems to work. The backstory is as follows: there is a sample model that I downloaded from ESRI that produces an "optimized" route for a pipeline. It's rather cumbersome because all of the inputs are hard-coded.

I have been tasked with automating the process. So far I've got one model that lets the user select the appropriate records from a feature class (e.g., from Floodplains "zone = X"), add a field called GRIDCODE and output a raster. But, here's where I'm stuck... let's say I end up with 4 different rasters from the first process (floodplains, wetlands, roads and railroads), the next steps are to reclassify them and then perform a weighted sum. I cannot figure out how to "loop" through those two steps. I've tried python code, iterators and right-click/batch processing. What am I missing? How can I link all of this together so it runs smoothly? If anyone is interested in helping me with this I can post my scripts and models.

Thanks for your time.