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Use arcpy to make a new column every N rows with cloned graphic elements

Question asked by AHOS1977 on Jan 4, 2016

Hello, I have been working with the sample DDPwithDynamicTablesAndGraphs_10_v1.  Where the code written for #if number of rows exceeds page space, resize row height, is there a way to say something along the lines of, for the first 20 rows upperX = 35.55, for rows 21-40 upperX = 39.55, and so on.

So far I have a script cobbled together 3 different scripts which allow for selecting the MXD, layer, and a field, then populates a multi-value list based on the field. Outputs are individual pdf's, single pdf with multiple pages or print (currently have print function removed until i get the columns correct).  Now I just need it to create a new column every 250 rows.  The script works but when you have a couple thousand rows, it is a little hard to read.  I am new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.


The script is attached. 


Thank you.