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Calculate Field Hangs

Question asked by tundra on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by jamesfreddyc

I have a large script that does a bunch of scheme changes, joins, calculates fields and other stuff to a file geodatabase.  After this script runs I immediately run another test script that joins two feature classes and calculates one field to another field.  When I run this script it hangs and won't complete.  However, if I duplicate this operation in ArcGIS manually (join two Feature classes, calculate the values from one field to another and remove join and close down ArcGIS) and then run the script again to calculate the field, it works.


I am wondering if I have a memory issue in my 1st script that is resolved when I run the operation manually in ArcGIS.


Does anyone have an idea of how to clear the memory.  These two feature classes have join operations and calculations done on them in the 1st script.  Do I need to remove "FeatureLayer" or "Join" from memory in my 1st script.


Let me know if you have any ideas.