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License Manager not installaing on ArcGIS Desktop / Arc Maps

Question asked by David@airov8 on Dec 29, 2015
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I have been directed to ArcGIS Administrator since the Licence Manager has a status of Not_Set.

Running ArcGIS etc on Windows 10 using Bootcamp


Problem / Question

I have no idea how to install the Licence Mnager nor how to get the Licence Manager number? 


I have read the doc's and it makes no sense.



I feel as if I need to be an IT Manager to follow any of this....I simply downloaded the 60-Day Trial to run a few simple tests to see how it compares to MapInfo.  And you are right I am not a IT Manager.  I am a Decision Maker and running a tender this month for one of either MapInfo or Esri to be used in a network planning tool:))))


All help is greatly appreciated / thanks / D