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Publishing a geoprocessing service to work with AGOL feature services(?)

Question asked by oldboy7075 on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by jesterjace

I have a geoprocessing service on our arcgis server that is shared to our AGOL organizational account. I am trying to use the URL for this service to create a Geoprocessing widget in WAB 1.2 developer version. Although it does drop down the layer list for the web map and allows the selection in the widget dialogue, it will not execute and throws a generic 'failed' error. I even tried to put in the url for one of our feature services as a constant value with same result. BTW this is just a service from the Add Geometry Attributes tool to get the updated area of edited features, and if anyone knows a better way to do this please let me know. Thanks very much, cob