Geostatistical analyst layer

Discussion created by edi1511 on Nov 21, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by jiaxin11
can any one tell me how to create a geostatistical analyst layer?

Sorry to have to ask such a dumb Q but ArcMAP help was helpless, yet again, on this topic.

Using the Create Geostatistical layer Toollbox requires a Geostatistical model source and an input layer.

What is this Model source? A misleading name for an ordinary layer or is it something else? Where do you get or create it?

The next box wants an Input dataset but I can't get anything to go in there, probably because the Layer I put in the first box doesn't have what it is needed. 

Sure would be helpful if the Arc Map tool help files contained helpful information.