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How do I update a feature with new data to replace old bad data from an export process?

Question asked by rbolesky on Dec 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by dkwiens

I have data loaded into a geodatabase with various feature classes such as sMaholes, dInlets, wHydrants, wSystemV, etc...

We have noticed that the data is off by about three to four feet in the x,y (easting, northing) and there is a difference of about four feet in the GNSS Height (elevation).

I have fixed the problem by re-exporting the field collected data. Now I am wondering how to update/replace the old bad data with the good new re-exported data within my goedatabase without having to reload it all. Is there a tool that I can use that will replace just the northing, easting, and GNSS Height data and have the data shift to the correct position within my mxd once it is updated with the new correct data in my geodatabase?



As shown in the image below the brown dot in the old data and the red dot is the new re-exported data which is located right on the manhole. However these are just added as shapefiles into the map. What I am trying to do is load in the new data (red dot) which is in the correct position on the map and has the correct elevation into my existing geodatabase (brown dot), thus having the (brown dot) move to the same position (northing, easting) as the (red dot) and posses the same elevation data as shown on the red dot.