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Is there an easy way to order the raster in the mosaic dataset?

Question asked by chunjie163com on Dec 24, 2015
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     I assume it is quite simple, but I spent two days to search the try to find a way to do it, but I failed. So I post here to see if anyone could help.


     I have several world-view-2  images which has high resolution, and a TM image has low resolution. I looks like this after I add them in the Mosaic dataset without create the overview :




    We can see the TM image cover the world-view2 image. Of cause, when I zoom to certain scale, the world-view2 image will show.


   What I want to do is to bring the world-view2 image above the TM image, ant any scale. So I read the document and find out z-order may accomplish this, so I set the world-view2 images' zorder to -1, and TM image ZOrder to 5, as showing in the flowing image:




     Something strange happened, the TM image still covering the worldview2 Image at small extent, but When I zoom to 1:200,000, the worldview2 image displayed,but the TM image is gone. See the flowing picture:




     So I kept zoom in to 1:100,000, both images are on the screen again:




    For the scale big than 1:100,000, both Images are shown. So I think maybe it is the problem of the Mosaic Method, so I changed the Default Mosaic method from Northwest to ByAttribute, and set the order filed to "ZOrder":




    It made no difference.


    I kept searching the, and find out that I may need to increase the MaxPS value of the worldview2 image.So I set the MaxPS=[MaxPS]*4, It has an effect, now the worldview2 image can be seen at the scale of 1:800,000, exactly 4 times of 1:200,000;




     But the TM image is gone again until I zoom to 1:90,000;



   And here is the attribute table after all the value change:




   Seems I am close to the answer. The main question left is how to make the TM image and worldview2 image show at all time. Which parameter should I set? Any suggestion are welcome, thank you very much.