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How to Update Collected Data on Device

Question asked by th1209 on Dec 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by th1209

Hi All -


I have a collector inspection app that needs to calculate a 3rd field. It's not vital that the 3rd field is calculated in the field however the 3rd field does need to be seen if the asset is revisited.


To simplify I have a table in a relationship class with the fields:

Field1, Field2 and Field3.

(Basically this was built following Jeff's Hydrant example)


Worker collects values: Field1 = 250 and Field2 = 50. Field3 is NOT collected (Field3 = 0)

Worker returns to office performs a sync, I setup an update trigger within SQL database that calculates Field3 = Field1- Field2 (in this example Field3 = 200)

When the data is viewed in Portal I see all the fields with correct data values.

The problem that I'm seeing is that the data(inspection record) on the device doesn't get updated to show that Field3 = 200.


The only way (at the moment) to see the updated values is if I removed the collector app and reload it on the device.

There has to be a way to see the updated values after my trigger is executed.  But I don't know how to "push" it back to the device.


Anybody have any ideas?