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Doubts about Symbols in ArcGIS Qt Runtime

Question asked by ecil123 on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by LDanzinger-esristaff

When I am working with MIL2525C Symbology in ArcGIS Runtime I encountered with esriMultiPartCIMSymbol, CIMPointSymbol, CIMPolygonSymbol, CIMTextLayer. I found out these are useful like we can create a single graphic display them along with name associated with it. For example if we use existing symbols present in ArcGIS Qt API, if we draw a Polygon we can put only one symbol either for drawing or displaying text both we  cannot put at a time. This might be possible with this esriMultiPartCIMSymbol concept, but I am not finding any documention for the above mentioned symbols to use in my ArcGIS Qt Application such that with single graphic object I can display text and drawing.




Thanks Bhargav.