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Geoportal - User Management - LDAP/Active Directory error ?

Question asked by robit2 on Dec 21, 2015


I'm just curious if anyone can provide any information or insight into the following error I am getting when I attempt to click on any specific usernames or Active Directory group names in, for example, our Publisher role.


In the following window, if I click on our Publishers role, I get the list of Active Directory groups that are in the role, as defined by our gpt.xml file.

This is fine.

However, when I click on a specific group name in this list, I get an error similar to the following :


Error: Unable to load /geoportal/rest/identity/users/cn%3D%24grp%24xxx%24xxxxxxxxxx%2xxx%3Dxxxx%2xxx%3xxxxx%20xxxxxxxxxx%20xxx%20xxxxxx%2xxx%3xxxxxx%20xxxxx%2Cxx%3Dxxxxxxx%2Cxx%3Dxxxx/profile?dojo.preventCache=9999999999900 status:500






It is interesting to note :   Than when I had an Active Directory group assigned directly to the Publisher role in gpt.xml, any usernames that are part of that group, would show up in the Publishers list.  I could then click on those individual usernames, and get information and properties of that username, with no errors.


But, when I assigned the Publisher role in gpt.xml to a newly created Active Directory group (eg. GeoPortal_Publishers), where this new group consisted of other AD groups (eg.GroupDeptA, GroupDeptB), I would get these groups (GroupDeptA, GroupDeptB) to show up in the Publisher role list ... but when I clicked on these group names (eg. GroupDeptA), that is when I would get the error above.


I'm guessing this maybe an access issue with LDAP/Active Directory ?


Does anyone have any ideas/comments/insight  ?