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Firefox not responding, problem with script

Question asked by jpolo on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2015 by jpolo

This started sometime last week (the 12th or so). When I go to Geonet, Firefox (v43) will become very unresponsive. I've disable add-ons, I've refreshed, I've uninstalled and installed again. Geonet is the only website where the problem occurs. If I close the Geonet tab, Firefox works much better.


A minute or two after Firefox becoming unresponsive a window opens in Firefox with a message about a script not working properly. Here is the URL for the script:


The window gives me the option to Continue, Debug, or Stop the script. Even with selecting to Stop and then checking the box to not tell me again about the problem, Geonet makes Firefox work very slowly. This is a huge annoyance.