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Problem using rasterFunction Clip with print service (Export Web Map Task)

Question asked by arned on Dec 18, 2015
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I Think I have found a bug in ArcGIS Server 10.3.1.

I am trying to use the rasterFunction Clip in a request to the print service (Export Web Map Task).
Everything work as expected for small clipping geometries. When the clipping geometry is bigger, no clipping is performed (blank result).
It seems that this has something to do with the size of the request rather than the size of the area.


Here is an example. I use one single polygon. The clipping polygon and the polygon in the graphicslayer are both identical. All services is non-public, so you cannot execute the requests yourself.

The failing HTTP-request:
Resulting image with blank clip:


The print service returns no errors. In the ArcGIS Manager Log I can find the following logging for the print service:
There is no logging for the ImageService.



If I instead use the same polygon, but first round the coordinates down to zero decimals (Spatial reference SWEREF99TM, first decimal position equals 0.1 meter), then the request works fine. Everything in the request except the polygon is exactly the same as in the previous request. When omitting the decimals, the request body gets shorter.
Modified working request:
Resulting image:


This is unfortunately no workaround. If want to print a bigger polygon the problem is not solved by reducing precision. I think the length of the json-polygon string is the problem here.


Any Ideas? Is this a known bug? How to report?



Arne Dahlman