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Discussion created by b.schadenberg on Dec 20, 2015
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I've got from a number of tennis players their addresses and of which tennis clubs they are member of. I've got all addresses from the tennis clubs.


First, I want to know the distance for each tennis player to their nearest tennis club (whether they are a member of it doesn't matter). This is straightforward with the closest facility option, so no problem here.


Second, I want to know for each tennis player the distance to each tennis club he/she is a member off (a player can be a member of multiple clubs). How can I do this second step, without splitting up my file into multiple files based on tennis club membership.


In the attribute table I've got unique player numbers, followed by their location information. Then there are seven columns (club1, club2...club7), where for each player the club number(s) are registered. A player that is member of only one club only has a value under 'club1'. The club numbers corresponds to the other file with all the tennis clubs and their location information.


In the end, I wish to have one table with all tennis players followed by 8 collumns, one for the distance to the nearest tennis club, and seven (or less) for the distances to the tennis clubs the player is member of.


Thank you in advance.