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Street number in results from reverse geocoding

Question asked by dusek.stanley on Dec 18, 2015
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do you know if there is some way how I can use reverse geocoding and get street name and street number in two separate fields?

In some countries, the street number comes before the street name, in other countries, it comes after (for instance "1013 College Blvd" in USA, but "Zuidstraat 54" in Belgium) and it wouldn't be wise to get it from parsing output string in my opinion.


locator.on("location-to-address-complete", function(evt) {

if (evt.address.address) {

  var str_address = "Address: "+ evt.address.address.Address + "\n"; // In here, I get for instance "1013 College Blvd" in USA, but "Zuidstraat 54" in Belgium.

  var str_city = "City: "+ evt.address.address.City + "\n";

  // ...




Thanks in advance,