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Create a marker mask from a representation

Question asked by delpasc on Dec 18, 2015


I have created a tool in C# in order to create Mask symbol around the symbol feature.

To do that, I use the IMarkermask interface and the QueryMarkerMask function.

Like this:

IGeoFeatureLayer iGFL = iL as IGeoFeatureLayer;

if (iGFL != null)


     IFeatureRenderer iFR = iGFL.Renderer;

     if (iFR != null)


          IPolygon iPG = new PolygonClass();

          ISymbol iS = iFR.get_SymbolByFeature(iF);

          if (iS != null)


               IMarkerMask iMM = iS as IMarkerMask;

               if (iMM != null)


                    IGeometry iGShape = iF.ShapeCopy;

                    if (iGShape != null)



                         pAV.ScreenDisplay.StartDrawing(pAV.ScreenDisplay.hDC, 0);

                         iMM.QueryMarkerMask(pAV.ScreenDisplay.hDC, iDRet, iGShape, iPG);



It works fine for a layer with a classic symbology.

But if the layer use a Representation as symbology, this code doesn't work: the line ISymbol iS = iFR.get_SymbolByFeature(iF) return null.

How can I get an ISymbol from a feature using an IRepresentationRenderer?

Or, more generally, how can I get a mask geometry for a Marker representation?



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