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HELP: Convert URLs for services to HTTPS.

Question asked by pdoherty_napsg on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by pdoherty_napsg

Problem: I have a client who wants to embed a web map or application inside of a website. The website is secured via https / ssl. Therefore the embedded map must have https in the URL, not http. I can add the "s" manually - but then ALL OF THE SERVICES in the web map need to have https as well in order for it to work.


Constraints: I cannot flip the switch on the organization account to ssl / https. Also I am not a developer or an expert in security.


Current workaround: Take all of the layers out and add them back in using https in the layer. This is time consuming and I lose the settings, pop-ups, etc.


Question: Does anyone know of a way to do this differently? Something I can configure in the HTML embed? A magical tool that converts all of the my feature services?


Ryan Lanclos


Any ideas Bernie Szukalski?