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ArcGis Online - PopUp troubles

Question asked by OscarDiago on Dec 17, 2015
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I can't make my PopUps pop.


My client sent an ArcGIS Service to make a map in ArcGis Online. I added it to the map and enabled the pop-up window. When I clicked on an element, all the information appeared in the pop-up. That's the behaviour I was expecting (and the one explained in every guidebook).


But the client decided to create a new service to include more fields (making a join with another table). I created a new map with the new layer and enabled the pop-up window. But now, every time I click on a element the only thing I get is a pop-up window with the following message: "No information found". So, I have checked the Attribute Table of the service and all the data is there.


This is the request I have captured when I click on an element:…


In the old service, the request was this one:…


Why that proxy part in the new one?? I don't understand!!


Some differences between the two services my client has pointed out:


- The new one has Joins

- The new one is WMS, but not the other one

- The old one had the table attached. In the list of layers, appart from the layer, it also appeared the table. In the new one it only appears the layer.

- In the new service, the options Supports Advanced Querie and Supports Statistics are false. In the old one they were set to true.


Does anyone have a clue what is going on with the new service?


Thank you!!