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Questions about license levels and licensing an application

Question asked by ian_broad on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by ebader-esristaff

I'd like to make an app that has no map component. It would just display attribute data based on a query.


To do this, I'd create the geodatabase first, and load it onto the device. Then I'd register the geodatabase with the Feature Service using GeodatabaseSyncTask. There would be no editing done on the device. The SyncGeodatabaseParameters syncDirection would be set to SyncDirectionDownload in order to pull down updates periodically.


What licensing level would this require? I ask because on this link:

License your app—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt | ArcGIS for Developers


Basic licensing states:

All functionality except:

Local locators (geocoding)

Local routing

Local editing (such as geodatabase editing)

Local geodatabase sync operations with an upload


This specifically states "with an upload." Does this mean that since I plan on only downloading data that this app would only require Basic level licensing?




Second question has to do with licensing an applications and development machine.


When I login to my ESRI developer account, and click on an application I've registered and go to the Licensing tab, I see this message:



Are we really required to register our machine? This wasn't mentioned anywhere in the QT documentation. And when I click on the link mentioned in the image, it directs here:

Licensing Java, Qt, and WPF, ArcGIS Runtime SDKs 10.2 | ArcGIS for Developers


And almost ever single link on that page is broken. Also, doing searches on my machine, I can't find the Software Authorization Wizard, or License Viewer tool anywhere.


The only thing mentioned in the QT documentation is adding the ClientID and License to the AppInfo.h file.