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Adding Feature Layers to AGO/Collector App

Question asked by sommz on Dec 16, 2015

I have a Collector App that works great on iOS, but I need to get it working for Android, and i'm having problems setting it up in AGO.


The Collector App is for asset inspections.  I don't need my crews to add new features.  I just want them to select a feature and fill out a form.  The data is then sent to a db on SDE.


The iOS UI works great on phones and tablets.  I select the asset, click Edit and a new form pops up for my crews to fill out.  There is no way for them to add a new asset without clicking the "+" on the main UI.


However....Android...sigh.  The second i open up the Collector App on two different Android tablets it asks if i want to Collect New assets.  I don't want to, so i minimize this option.  I select the asset i want to edit, a Features window pops up, and i need to pull the bottom right arrow to select Edit.  The form is not full screen.  Annoyingly, It has a small 1/8" space between the end of the form and the map.  When i try to select an item in the form to edit by clicking the bottom right triangle is where my problems start.  If i "fat finger" anywhere at the edge of the form it starts to add vertex's to my line assets, if i accidentally click anywhere in the map, it adds an asset.


So...because of this Android problem i want to limit my Feature Layer to just Update Feature Attributes Only.


Here is where i'm having an issue and need some help.


I have my asset FC in SDE.  The only way i can add the FC to AGO and get the option to Update Feature Attributes Only is to Add my FC as a Feature Layer in My Content by selecting Create - Feature Layer.  Then add the Feature Layer into my Map.  The problem with doing it this way is the FC is empty.  I can't see any of my assets.


If i add the FC to My Content by Add Item through the web, and adding the URL of my FeatureServer, it shows up, i can see my assets, but i don't have the option to "Update Feature Attributes Only".  It's not an option when i click Edit.


Any idea how to add a FC from SDE to AGO My Content as a Feature Layer where your assets show up?


Sorry for the long winded explanation to get to the question, but i needed to setup why i'm doing it this way.


Thank you to anyone that can provide guidance!  Much appreciated!