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Collector Symbology from table field

Question asked by craygo on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by joeb@cwd

I have setup the fire hydrant Inspections for collector. I am trying to do 2 things. Have the inspectors in the field update asset info by editing the asset values and also add an inspection. The main purpose for this is to collect hydrant pressures. I would like to symbolize the hydrants based off of a field. In this case it is STATIC_PRES. I would like to have Hydrants with a value of 0 to be symbolize red and all others to be green. So if the hydrant is red, they know they have to get a static pressure.


Couple problems I have run into.


First Attempt:

Using arcmap I have accomplished this using the symbology and publishing the service. The map looks great. The problem is when I try to edit the static pressure it has become a drop down and the only thing I can select are 0 and "no value".


Second attempt:

I took the symbology off and published the service with just a basic symbol. I created the map and used the change style screen to set up a color ramp that goes from 0 and >1 . This seems to work with the online map but collector will not recognize the symbology and makes all the hydrants the same.


Anyone have any work arounds for this? Becoming a royal pain in the A$# !!