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AttributeInspector: composite components for customField in fieldInfo object

Question asked by mike916 on Dec 15, 2015

Hi guys,


Help needed on creating composite components for customField in the fieldInfo object.


I am creating AttributeInspector for a feature class. Esri has a sample that using single dijit component (dijit.form.ValidationTextBox) as a customField. see the example.


What I want is to create a customized dijit component which includes two default dijit components: a TextBox and a Button. See the screen shot from the AttributeInspectorcustomField_composite.PNG.


In the screen shot, I want to have two components for the Full Road Name: the TextBox for the attribute information, and the Button will do another thing based on the TextBox value.


I created a customized dijit which includes those two components. But I don't know how to have my customized components read the value from the field of a table like other attributeInspector fieldInfo components.


Thanks for help.