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Question asked by viola1 on Dec 14, 2015





As a Master student I am trying to make some analysis by applying the Digital Shoreline Analysis System, an extension from USGS, but unfortunately I am having problems with it.




I am having problems with the cast transects. After set up everything I get the following message (can also be seen in attach):


"One or more layers failed to draw:




1984_1994:  Syntax error. in query expression 'exists (select * from 1984_1994_SHAPE_Index where 1984_1994.OBJECTID = IndexedObjectId AND MaxGX >= -2147483648 and MinGX <= -2147483648 and MaxGY >= -2147483648 and MinGY <= -2147483648)'.


1984_1994:  General function failure [1984_1994]"



I already tried to write them but they said that it is an ArcGIS problem. I would appreciate if you could help me.




Best wishes,




Cristina Viola