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Printing text

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2015
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@I just start using ArcGIS!

There is a raster in the background of my map.

This raster is a city map which down loads from some server.

The raster comes with very tiny street names.

I have to zoom in very much to see these tiny letters in data view.


In layout view at that scale I am using no text is visible which is fine, otherwise it would be very busy.

But these tiny texts are shown in preview and the printouts.


Default the resolution is 300. If I set the resolution to 250 these texts are gone!

I really don't want to use such a low resolution but this is the only way to get red of those texts.

I already checked and could not found any alternative in the raster to filter those texts out.


How can I get exactly what I see (without tiny texts) in layout view?