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Best way to query a layer in a local runtime .geodatabase file?

Question asked by ian_broad on Dec 12, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by LDanzinger-esristaff

I need to develop a mobile app that accesses a local runtime .geodatabase file. I cannot use a service layer.


I'm just getting familiar with the Qt SDK (QML), and I like what I see.


For the app, my data consists of 1 large polyline layer split into many (20,000) individual sections. What I need the app to do is fairly basic:


Query a polyline layer for a value range (ex: query ± %5 of value), then buffer the results, symbolize the buffered results with 3 class breaks (red closest to value, then orange, and yellow for within the 5%), zoom to the buffered areas.


My question is:


What's the best way to query and buffer the layer?


Right now I'm using:

Query {
     id: query
     outfields: ["*"]     

function runQuery() {
     query.where = "myField = 'test'";



And on the FeatureLayer I have:

FeatureLayer {
  id: myFeatureLayer
  featureTable: GeodatabaseFeatureTable {
       id: myFeatureTable
       geodatabase: gdb.valid ? gdb : null
       featureServiceLayerId: 0