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Launchpad Theme - Grouped Widgets in the Anchor Controller

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2015
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I have been eagerly anticipating the v1.3 release of the WAB and was hoping that a bug from v1.2 had been fixed, unfortunately not .


The issue:


If I use the Launchpad theme and group a couple of widget together on the Anchor Controller like the following image:


The group appears on the anchor controller and when opened I have the option to drag the group around the map:



This is great but it has a very strange behaviour; its is like the group is fixed on its right hand side, as you drag it around the screen if you go left the widget width gets larger and if you go right it disappears apart from the icon and the close cross.


If you close the group using the cross next time you try and move the group around it keeps jumping to the top of the map window.


Single widgets also always default to the same location and size every time they are reopened instead of where they were last positioned when last opened, this is different behaviour to the off panel widgets.


This behaviour occurs in IE, Firefox and Chrome.


Has anyone worked a solution to this?