A fun survey... with more sample code for you.

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I have spent several hours the last month or so to test some of the limits and workarounds of Survey123. And have created a survey called “Fun Facts”.. I cannot wait to see what enhancements/improvements will be accomplished over the next months and years with Survey123.


My efforts in coding this survey was not necessarily to create a real working document, just to test the programs response and find some work arounds.  If you look at the code it may seem a little heavy but it works and I share this because some of the examples given do not go into how to work around certain situations so I “coded” until I got stuff to work, again some of it isn’t that pretty, and the program is not 100% complete but it works, and its a fun survey to take. I share it in the hopes that it will help you in coding some of your Survey123 programs.


Here is what I wanted to do with the survey.

  1. I wanted a Survey to ask questions one at a time until the person gets one wrong. (i.e. do not show questions until they have answered the previous one correctly)
  2. Total a score for the survey. Question 1 being worth 50 points, questions 2 being worth 100 points… adding 50 points to the previous questions value so that the value of question 10 is worth 500 points.
  3. Gather their contact information only after they were through with the survey
  4. I wanted to test the use of various picture/images to see how they responded
  5. I wanted to test as much of the syntax as possible
  6. Calculate the time it takes to take the survey
  7. Make a fun survey.
  8. (Excel sheets are color coded for easier program synthesis)


I have zipped up the file and attached it to this post. I believe that if you unzip it to your “My Survey Designs” in your ArcGIS folder it will show up and work in your Survey23Connect.  It is important to note that the background image is Stars2.png and that Text color is set to Gold, background colors set to black. Message me if you have any questions. ENJOY!


Dean Mostad