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Is it possible to rotate a object to the orientation of a polygon with cga

Question asked by Jorn.Kristiansengeodata-no-esridist Employee on Dec 11, 2015
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I am working on a project where the goal is to symbolize a power line network in 3D. My idea is to write a .cga-rule, which I’m “converting” to a .rpk and use this .rpk as a procedural fill symbol on a polygon layer (since line geometry is not supported for procedural fill) in arcgis pro.

I have written the .cga rule, but I have hit some bumps on the road:

  • Is there possible to write in the code, so the split function follows the direction of the source (the polygon).?



Figur 1 Here you see the rule where the split(x){~avstand: alignScopeToGeometry(zUp,0) lagHoyspent}* is active. It works perfect if the polygon is orientated in the y-direction and the split is set to ~x*.



          Figur 2: And here we see the same rule on a polygon orientated along the x axis.


Thank you all for looking in to this


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