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ArcMap tells me that my file GDB that's registered with ArcGIS Server is not registered

Question asked by smcgee on Dec 8, 2015
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I'm having a problem publishing a map service to our ArcGIS Server. Here are the details:


1) The data that my MXD uses is contained in a file geodatabase (GDB name: Water_Resources).


2) The file GDB is on the same computer (Neptune [not the real computer name - just an example for this discussion]) as our installation of ArcGIS Server.


3) The file GDB is successfully registered in our ArcGIS Server's data store, as evidenced by the green checkmark next to the Water_Resources_Geodatabase in the screenshot below. [FYI: both ArcGIS Server and the file GDB are on the same computer (Neptune)].



4) I made sure to give the ArcGIS Server account on Neptune read permissions to the file GDB.


5) In my ArcMap MXD, I go to publish a new service, click the Analyze button in the Service Editor window, and it tells me that "the data source is not registered with the server and data will be copied to the server". So this is the problem: ArcGIS Server tells me the GDB is registered, but ArcMap tells me it isn't registered.


6) In ArcMap, I can tell it that the message it's giving me is an exception, and I can go ahead and publish the service. However, if I do this, it will copy all the referenced data from the file GDB to ArcGIS Server. But I don't want to place a separate copy of the data on the server. I want ArcGIS Server to use the data directly from the file GDB.


So, does anyone have any idea why ArcGIS Server tells me that the file GDB is registered, but ArcMap tells me that it's not? Seems really strange to me.