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new trouble using Base Maps and and online layers, ArcMap 10.2

Question asked by justcheckin on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2016 by justcheckin

I need to update a series of maps I made a year ago. They all contain the base map layer "USGS National Map", which loads with the tile of "USGSTopo"

Now when I open these maps the layer doesn't work. The globe icon turns and turns and turns, (processing, processing, processing) but the layer never shows up. I wait a long time before I give up.


Here are some things I have tried, without success in solving or understanding the problem:


1) restart computer

2) try layer in new empty file, with small layout

3) try adding base layer from Arcgis online (this worked in one new letter size map, but not in the maps I need to update which are 24x36)


Is anyone else having this problem?