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Is it possible to link WAB developer edition to multiple AGOL orgs?

Question asked by mhylden on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by junshan_liu-esristaff

When I installed my version of WAB, I obviously linked it via app ID to my AGOL account through my company's organization.  We're developing an custom app for a client that has their own AGOL organization.  I can copy maps between the two, but I can't figure out how to put a new edition of the web app out that links to the maps (and authenticates to the users, more importantly) in the their organization. 

* The app won't copy in ArcGIS Online Assistant like the maps because it is customized, and therefore hosted in IIS.

* I can't find any text in the config files for the App (After dutifully going in and doing the download, copying the zipped directory to IIS, and deploying as a new IIS App) that indicates what the web map used in the app should be.  It is all over in the config files for the widgets for searches, etc. but not the displayed map itself.

* if I register my new IIS App with the client Org, I still have to log in using my Org's credentials (because the source data is on that org)


One solution appears to be to reinstall my dev edition and point it to the client org and app id, but this would mean I'd need a different installation for  every client, which seems like a very bad idea. 


Has anyone else run into this cross-AGOL organization issue before?  And hopefully solved it without too much heartburn...