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How to Create Dashboards in CE 2015.2

Question asked by Thib@ult on Dec 8, 2015
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I am testing this great new feature in the latest Cityengine release which allows us to create nice dashboards using Reports.

But I don't understand how to select multiple attributes/reports to compare different modes.


in the configuration panel I can only select one Report:

And I get:

And of course I'd like something like:


In the documentation its says:

If you select a report with sub-classes, only the Pie and Column charts will display all the sub-class values. Key Number will just display the main class. For example, TotalEnergyByClass is divided into the following sub-classes:

  • TotalEnergyByClass.C
  • TotalEnergyByClass.D
  • TotalEnergyByClass.E
  • TotalEnergyByClass.F
  • TotalEnergyByClass.G

When you generate the report the Dashboard displays all the sub-classes values.


Could someone explain how to create classes and sub_classes in a Report ?