Problem with developing a writable OLE DB Provider for ArcEditor

Discussion created by ali_hosseini on Nov 19, 2010
Dear ESRI,Dear GIS experts

I gave up to use "Editor toolbar" in ArcMap with my OLE DB Provider and it seems there is no way
to use this toolbar while the data source of ArcMap layers is a OLE DB provider in stead of  ESRI's one.
So I need to draw a sketch (from one of 3 types of geometries including point,polyline and polygon)
and create a new feature for my database using this tool.
I've already developed a tool to create a new polyline by implementing ICommand and ITool and using IRubberBand to create a line sketch and it uses some sort of snapping which I checked in OnMouseMove event of ITool(I have all line vertices in a cache and I compare mouse location with this cache)
but I still hope I can use some ArcObject interfaces like ISnapAgent or ISnapEnvironment.
Now, I would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions:

1.How can I use these ArcObject interfaces(ISnapAgent,ISnapEnvironment) to add snapping capability to my tool while I have layers in ArcMap that can not work with "StartEditing".These layers data source are not personal/SDE geodatabases but are added using OLE connection(by choosing my provider from OLE DB provider list)
2.Is it possible to develope an Editor object by implementing IEditor interface and use it instead of "ESRI object editor" in ArcMap?and if yes,can this editor object work with existing snap agents in ArcMap?

Best Regards
Ali Hosseininaveh