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License Server has multiple IP addresses

Question asked by gvgowing on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by vsfoote

I have a license server that is used for multiple purposes including serving up ArcMap and Geo-Media licenses.


A second IP was recently added to this server, for use in an unrelated IIS project. We needed to have multiple IIS configurations and therefore needed a second IP with a DNS entry to it.



For example purposes, I'll say that the original IP was (computer name ApplicationServer) and that we added to the box. We then created a DNS entry for and called it AltApplicationServer.



When we did this, we broke both the Geo-Media license server and the ArcMap 10.3 license server. I was able to fix the Geo-media license server easily enough by allowing it to use the new IP.



However, I haven't found a solution to the ArcMap License server. I've tried editing service.txt (the original is still preserved)



Original line:

SERVER this_host ANY 27000



I tried

SERVER this_host INTERNET= 27000



and I tried

SERVER this_host INTERNET= 27000



I know that there isn't a conflict between Geo-Media and ArcGIS because they were running in parallel before we added the IP. I also know for fact that they are still using different ports.



When I run lmgrd.exe -c service.txt -z


I get "Failed to open the TCP port number in the license."

I'm guessing that its related to the pairing of IP addresses.