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Best InfoWindow for all devices

Question asked by krobine on Dec 8, 2015

I'm running into a problem with InfoWindows. I'm trying to use an InfoWindow that works well on all devices (phones, browsers, tablets). I don't like the mobile infoWidows, as it doesn't work well on browsers.  We're using media queries too to properly setup the infowindow. For smartphones, we need it to be 100% map width and map height (take up the whole screen), and for the rest, use the anchor to properly set it. I used the out of box Popup (map.infoWindow), but am having a funky bug on mobile devices where it's not scrolling (to add complexity too, I'm using a different SPA framework, Angular, for my content, and sticking it inside my Popup dijit).

Just wondered what other folks out there are using (for InfoWindows on all devices that take advantage of media queries)? Has anyone else seen the scrolling bug?  Do Media queries collide with the ESRI dijits? Do I need to use the infoWindow.resize() function or is it OK to let media queries handle this bit?