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GetDataTable returning 0 records

Question asked by DCSlatunn on Dec 4, 2015
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I know not many people are using ArcGIS Mobile, but I am thinking that this functionality may be broken elsewhere in ArcObjects, so hopefully I get some feedback!


I just upgraded to 10.3 from 10 and my GetDataTable call is returning 0 rows.  GetFeatureCount returns the correct count of features.  This is driving me nuts mainly because I have a WPF application that calls GetDataTable on the SAME MobileCache and it is returning the correct amount of rows.  Because of this I think my code may be irrelevant, but I will post it anyway:

            MobileCache constMapCache = new MobileCache();

            constMapCache.StoragePath = @"\\" + Environment.MachineName + @"\MobileCache\MasterCache";


            bool isOpen = constMapCache.IsOpen;  //returns false


            bool isOpen2 = constMapCache.IsOpen;  //returns true

            FeatureSource selLyr2 = constMapCache.FeatureSources["mylayer"];

            FeatureDataTable completeTbl2 = selLyr2.GetDataTable(new QueryFilter());  //this does not work when passing a specific filter, either


           int countRows = completeTbl2.Rows.Count;  //0

           int countFeats = selLyr2.GetFeatureCount();  //476


This is a MVC web application.  Did something change in 10.3 to require a permission in IIS or something?  The WPF app is actually a WPF browser app, so it has to go through IIS, also.  The settings in IIS are different for each app, though. 


What gives?  Is there another way to get the attributes?  Since I can get the featureCount, is there a way to get the features and loop through them?