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cityengine model export unit

Question asked by gjin.personal on Dec 6, 2015
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new to cityengine - I'm trying to export a set of buildings (height generated by cga rule) from cityengine project to FBX format for use in different cad programs like 3ds max / revit


problem is, nowhere in cityengine a way to select type of unit to be found for exporting file. When I import the exported file into autocad or 3ds max it reads as centimeters, so I'm assuming cityengine exports centimeters by default, but it seems like cityengine only changes the unit without converting the numbers. (for example 1ft -> 1cm, instead of 1ft -> 30.48cm).


I've already found a way to get it working after many trials and errors, but THERE IS GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY in terms of handling unit conversions / insertion point issue for importing / exporting.

any experiences? comments ?


thank you-