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Themepark style maps

Question asked by crabtreecj on Dec 5, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2015 by neal.johnston

Hello all!


I work for small county / city government. I'm the GIS administrator and I'm used to make professional maps and now I've been asked to make theme park styled map for special events and more specifically a Christmas parade next week. I know this isn't really a GIS type question since nothing on the map itself will be referenced to anything and will be a complete cartographic mess, but the city is wanting a fun map for children that represents the parade route and local amenities.


I assumed some other GIS Professionals had been put in the same spot for local government. I've looked into using ArcGIS, but it doesn't seem practical for this type application. I've looked into SimCity products and even online city building games, so my question is, ha anyone had experience using any type of software that can do this?