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Network Analyst Not Routing to Destinations

Question asked by natb02 on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2015 by natb02

Hello GeoNet Community,

I have a similar question to the post from this thread: Trouble carrying out closest facility analysis in ArcMap

I am running OD Cost MAtrix to get the total transportation cost between points based on the ESRI U.S. Roads and Canada Detailed Streets network.  This road network has one-way assignments as a restriction.  The OD model worked for a majority of my Destination points, there are just 2 Destination points that the program will not route to.  The points are located in the initial loading, and I have tried everything suggested in the post referenced above, including:

     1. Fixing the one-way FT and TF directions around my Destinations to make sure they are all going the correct direction.

     2. Making all layers the same coordinate system

     3. Running the model with the "Exclude restriction" box checked

     4. Rebuilding the network dataset after each change


I have run this model with 5,000+ Origins and set to find 15 destinations, and it finishes in a matter of minutes.  Running the above model with 256 Origins and 2 Destinations takes about an hour and a half to run, and it fails to find a solution each time.  The only warning is that "No Destinations found for XXX point in Origins".


I would appreciate any feedback you can give.  Thanks!!!