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Spelling Sensitivity in Geocoding

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Dec 3, 2015
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I have a question regarding spelling sensitivity as I have experienced something that really has me scratching my head:  right now I'm still using 9.3 locators in version 10.0 ArcGIS.


Typically, I use the out of the box defaults for Spelling, Candidate, and Match with a US Streets locator (80, 10, 60).  This allows a little wiggle room for spelling and they've always worked for me.  At one of the PSAPs I work at, the communities use Presidents names for streets. So


1600 S Lincoln Ave and

1600 S Monroe Blvd


are valid addresses


I can misspell Monroe with Monroee or Monre and get a hit.  But if I spell Lincoln as Lincon, it won't find it; Lincol works.  I've been misspelling others slightly and they seem to work, but LINCON is the holdout.  As anyone in 9-1-1 knows, a slight misspelling is easy when you are working a LE channel and it's traffic stop time...







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