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ordering imagery

Question asked by doughirsch on Dec 2, 2015
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    I have been tasked with obtaining imagery or aerial photography for some counties in the Central Valley of California (Fresno, Kings, and Tulare Counties). My company is doing transportation work so we need to see the latest changes in potential right-of-way areas.   I have not been given a budget.  I have never ordered commercial data before so I don't know all the ins-and-outs.  I have reviewed the free (latest 2012; too old) doqq offerings from the state of CA and a commercial outfit that mosaics doqqs but their latest are 2014.



My tentative conclusion is that 2015 DOQQs for my area of interest would work.  In lieu of that, a good resolution, up-to-date, natural color imagery that wouldn't need any manipulating in an image processing software could work as well.



Please consider these preferences in your response:

  * Good resolution data, like 1 foot and probably not more coarse than one meter.

  * Data captured in 2015, and possibly updated quarterly?

  * A file format that can be opened in Google Earth (which apparently has imagery which is too old for what we need).

  * Imagery/photography that is already geo-referenced, or a company that includes it as a service.


  * A file format that I can geo-reference, if necessary, in ArcMap (10.3.1 Advanced license, no additional extensions)

  * true color (24-bit)?  (Do not need IR)

  * competitively priced



Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. Please feel free to suggest specific companies by name.