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When will the ArcGIS Pro developers make surfaces automatically use their own base heights when added to ArcGIS Pro?

Question asked by kuwaitndthl on Dec 2, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by jeremy_wright-esristaff

I really wanted to love ArcGIS Pro. I did in fact love the fact that it allowed for simultaneous viewing of 2D and 3D of the same layers. This is awesome. What is NOT awesome is when I add a surface I have to then laboriously go in to the settings of it and tell ArcGIS Pro that, yes, I indeed do what the base heights for that surface to come from that surface, not some other surface.


It is silly frankly that ArcGIS Pro developers didn't want to assume that this is how the user would want the automatic response of this program to be upon a surface layer being added.


I have never before when using for example ArcScene used the baseheights from another surface, essentially just putting for example the surface symbology from one surface onto another one. This doesn't make sense as a default option, yet this obscure way of operating is the default.


Thank you for stopping being silly.