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Local Layers Widget and Layer Name in Layer List Widget

Question asked by jbuck2931 on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by jbuck2931

I have added layers using the local layer widget to a web app.  When I look at these layers in the Layer Name widget, I am seeing the name of the folder that these services are stored in, and not the layer name.  For example, I have a directory named Basemap_Cache that contains a number of layers (streets, buildings, etc).   Instead of seeing the individual layers, I see Basemap_Cache in the layer list.  I have to expand Basemap_Cache layer in order to see the individual layers.  When I add a map from ArcGIS online, the individual layer names are displayed.  Is there anyway to have the layer list display the actual layer names?  Thanks.


Jason Buck