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Unforced change/error in symbology of feature services in web map & app

Question asked by HCCGISICT on Nov 30, 2015
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Our organization has a number of web maps feeding apps which are on our public maps gallery.


Recently, on this particular map:


Two feature services have suffered symbology failures with no interaction on our behalf.  Content of feature classes has remained untouched since initial publishing in early November 2015.


  • Costal Hazard Inundation
  • Costal Erosion Hazard Bands


I have tried removing the services from the map, saving the map, deleting the feature services and feature definitions, republishing and adding the new services to the map with no change.  An attempt to add the republished feature services to a new map window yields a similar result. I have also tried running a topology check for errors with nothing jumping out as being an issue.


I am able to export the feature services to shapefile in arcgisonline, download and open in ArcGIS desktop with no symbology errors.



Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Roy Langman

City of Hobart

Tasmania, Australia.