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Spatial Statistics Script Tools (Spatial Autocorrelation)

Question asked by mjm8234 on Nov 30, 2015
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I've been trying to run spatial autocorrelation on an ordinal grid of count data in ArcGIS 10.1. (I have a little over 100 data points with associated count values). The test runs to completion almost instantly with no errors, except the output is completely empty - no Z-score, no P-value, and no report file. After experimenting further, I found that all of the script tools in the spatial statistics toolbox produced this same issue - no errors but zero output. Am I missing something? Is there any reason why script tools won't work for me, but regular tools will?


P.S. - I'm on a university network license. Both Python 2.7 and 3.4 are installed on the network. I can't successfully install further modules if needed because I don't have permissions on the network.


Thanks for your help!